To begin your tithe or donation, enter the amount. Select by clicking the box whether this is a one time donation or a reoccurring donation. You will then be directed to PayPal. At this point, you will choose one of two options: (1) Log into PayPal or (2) Give with a credit/debit card. All electronic donations will be deposited into the general fund, so the donation can not be designated.

There will be 2.9% service charge plus .30 for each donation.


If you donate 100.00, PayPal will deduct a 2.9% service charge plus 30 cents for each donation. The total charges for this example will be $3.20. The church will receive $96.80 of the $100.00 donation. The amount reflected on your giving statement at the end of the year will be $96.80.

Step 1: How much would you like to give?
Step 2: Is this a one time gift or would you like to set up a monthly donation?


You can modify an existing recurring donation by logging into PayPal.

Thank You!