We believe that all people are made for the purpose of glorifying God and enjoying Him forever.  Therefore, our mission is to know God through faith in Jesus Christ and to make Him known.  We hope to accomplish this mission through biblical worship, study, community with other believers, service to others, and missions.

We invite your entire family, from the youngest to the oldest member, to get involved in the church body. Community and fellowship with other believers provides a great place for us all to grow, encourage, love and serve one another and the people we know that so desperately need to be introduced to the love of Christ.  We pray that in every ministry or activity, that we would remain gospel-centered in all that we do and aim to do as a church.

If you have any questions about how you can get plugged into a particular ministry or small group at Adaton, please feel free to contact us at 662-323-3735 or by email at